"Come Twirl with Me" - KwitterPhotography

At current count the studio has 19 very beautiful, twirly dresses in sizes ranging from 2 through 14. These dresses are the answer to every girls dream, to put on a gorgeous dress and just pose and twirl. These photos are best taken outdoors at my studio location. Digital Images can be purchased for $125 for 21-30 images, or $100 for 15-20 images.

There is a $50, non-refundable booking fee for your session.

Allow 1 hour for session. Each session includes a Sticky Album for your smart phone with 15 images and music….ONLY available from your photographer.

As always, I encourage you to purchase one of our many products to display your portraits on or in for your greatest and lasting portrait investment.  Consider assisting me in putting together a collage of your favorite images, available in 8x10, 16x20, or 24x30.  These allow you to enjoy looking at your favorites all the time, instead of having to hunt through digital files to see them.

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