My Story:

Hi!  I'm Karen and I am a mother of 4 wonderful children and a grandmother of 12. I live along the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida.  I am grateful for God's blessing on my life.  I love that He has allowed photography to be at the top of my long list of creative interests that I have pursued over my lifetime.  None of those interests have brought me greater joy!

My View of Photography:

Photography is an amazing way to re-visit something or someone you have seen with your eyes that brought you delight. I have always valued the preserving of photo memories, starting from the very beginning of my marriage when I began putting my own photos into albums. In recent years I have created digital photo albums that relive our stories while preserving those memories. I have always enjoyed looking at other people’s photos and I believe strongly in the value of visually capturing and preserving those memories and experiencing the emotions felt upon reliving those moments and memories.

My Commitment:

I am committed to delivering images to you that you would want to showcase on your walls, build into albums, or display in any number of fun and creative ways. I especially want to help you do the most with your images so they won’t get put aside and forgotten. For this reason I invite you to see those images large-scale in my home in order to help you visualize what you can do with your images in your very own home.

My Specialty:

Photography of newborns and young children, with those adorable smiles and grins, captures life’s moments from the earliest days and years of their lives and delights the heart of every parent and grandparent like nothing else can. I have also added High School Seniors because I think they are the other book-end to childhood.  I want to be a part of capturing all of those memories for you.

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