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It's June!

May seems to have flown by and here we are in the lovely month of June.  I've been focused on growing a wardrobe of princess and fancy dresses for the studio.  I will be offering a Princess Session in the fall, but meanwhile, I have sizes ranging from 2-14.  I'm trying to stock matching dresses in various sizes for those who want sisters to match.  What I don't have yet I can rent from a wonderful source, so keep me in mind for any special occasion. This source also has adorable outfits for boys as well.

I also have the perfect fancy white, twirly dress in a size 5 for those who want to do a shoot for K-5 Graduation next year.  I will be posting a picture soon on my FB page of my rack of dresses, so be sure to look for it. 

I wish you a fabulous summer filled with lots of good memories!


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